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About us:

Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity “The Internet Development Initiative – IDI” was established in 2015 to engage in solution of obstacles related to the Internet Development, to pursue Cyber Security and elaboration of Information and Communication Technology as its core competency.
We pursue the latest developments in information security and internet space. IDI engages in the internet users’ rights and helps in development of free internet space, to elaborate the strategy and protocols of internet space on the government level and the private sectors. Additionally, IDI is implementing innovations of different ICT projects, developing studying programs for cyber security and the whole ICT itself. IDI supports the Development of Online and Social Media.
The project is designed only for ICT sphere.


We provide trainings and study courses, research and analyse threats in Internet Space, and help government and private sectors to find out the threats in the Internet.



“We provide the provision of security research of Internet Space not only in South Caucasus but in the whole region in order to study the level of protection of the infrastructure in the region and internal and external factors influencing upon the security”


The Objectives:

  • Support growth concentration of the internet;

  • Promote the development of standards of cyber security, and support to improve skills in cyber security. Organize trainings and study courses;

  • Study and analysis of threats in cyberspace. Write recommendations for government and private sector. Public awareness raising;

  • Encourage the process of protection and advocacy for internet users’ rights;

  • Support the development of online media;

  • Initiative of projects of information and communication technology. Search for new technologies, analysis and promotion for implementation;

  • Initiative of projects with government and private sector in Information technology and innovation;

  • Support for print and online publications;

  • Organizing conferences, seminars, forums in ICT and cyber security.