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Vladimer Svanadze is the founder and the Chairmen of the Board “Internet Development Initiative – IDI”, Consultant of LEPL Cyber Security Bureau under the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Vladiemr holds Masters in Engineering and M.A. in International Economics and Business Relations from Georgian Technical University, and M.A. in International Affairs (International Security and International Development) from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). He studies cyber security policy, strategy and best experience since 2011. Vladimer is currently a PhD candidate of Social and Political Sciences at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), specializing in cyber security, development policy and strategy, is the author of numerous articles and works.

Vladimer also is the founder of the Georgian strategy firm – Sky Consulting Group – serving as its Business Development Executive to lead the firm’s analytical and business development agenda through conducting comprehensive market research and analysis, providing advisory services on project design and management, and extensively engaged in the Group’s Entrepreneurship program.

Most recently Vladimer served as a Managing Director for Security and Analysis with CGS Group LLC, an American research and consulting firm. Earlier he was the Deputy Rector of the National Defense Academy of Georgia. In 2011, he established and managed the Center of Strategy and Leadership, an intellectual support for the Ministry of Defense and Georgian Armed Forces, involved in training and study courses for the MOD staff members and Wider Security Sector of Georgia. He was also responsible for relations with NATO Georgia and PDP, studied training needs and created professional development courses, training analysis and design development. In addition, Mr. Svanadze consulted the MOD’s Analytical Department in the reforming process. His earlier career includes Foreign Policy and Security Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure; Head of Security at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Mission to Georgia; Head of Security and Safety Department at the Alliance Group Holding (AGH); Head of Administration and Billing Department, Projects Coordinator, Training Manager at the United Water Supply Company of Georgia.